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We stock a large range of magnifiers.

Magnifiers with Handles

The LU1 has a glass lens with a diameter of 50mm. Magnification: 4X $14.90

The LU2 has a glass lens with a diameter of 75mm. Magnification: 3X $17.90

The LU3 has a glass lens with a diameter of 90mm. Magnification: 2.5X $24.90

Magnifiying Glass
Clear acrylic lens and ergonomic handle. Excellent optical quality.
LU4, Diameter: 75mm Magnification: 2.5X $29.90

LU5, Diameter: 90mm Magnification: 2X $34.90

LU6, Diameter: 100mm Magnification: 2X $39.90

Magnifiying Glass

LU11, Magnifier with a gold-plated rim, Rosewood handle and crystal lens. Diameter: 50mm.
Magnification: 3X.

Gold-Plated Magnifier
The sturdy metal mounting for the lens is gold-plated. Has a high quality glass lens and comes with a wooden stand. Diameter 63mm Magnification 2.5X $79.95

Illuminated Magnifiers

LU160 can be used with or without the base. Lens diameter is 90mm and magnification is 2.5X. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) $39.90

LU5LEDM First-class acrylic lens and stainless steel handle. Has 2 very bright LED's and a soft material pouch to protect the lens. Lens diameter is 90mm and magnification is 2X. $79.95

LU24LED is a pocket magnifier with a powerful LED. Also has a high magnification of 10X and folds away so you can take it everywhere. Diameter: 18mm $59.90

LU190LED Aluminium magnifier. It has a diameter of 37mm, glass lens, 3.2X magnification and 6 LED's! $79.90

Frameless LED Illuminated Magnifier.
With a high-quality acrylic lens and modern, ergonomically desgned handle. Excellent optical quality. Lens diameter is 75mm. Magnification is 2.5X. Has 2 powerful LED lights in it. Comes with batterys. $39.90

Pocket LED Pull-Out Magnifier
Black matt plastic housing. Lens Diameter 21mm with 20X Magnification. Bright white LED light Includes batteries. $29.95

Now comes with 2 LED's. 10X magnification and adjustable focus ring. $39.90

Overlay Magnifier
Aluminium overlay magnifier. Lens Diameter 30mm Magnification 8X with 3 bright white LED lights. Comes with batterys and a black slipcase.


LED Magnifier
Lens Diameter 35mm Magnification 7X with a bright white LED lights. Comes with batterys. LU29 $29.95

Small sized illuminated magnifier. 5 X magnification, 45 x 50mm lens, Aspherical, Retractable, requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included) $19.95

Pocket & Special Magnifiers

Lighthouse Stand Magnifier LU21 10x magnification, adjustable focusing, detachable lens, 22mm diameter lens.
Dimensions: 44mm in height 40mm in diameter.

Foldaway pocket magnifier. Magnification: 5X. Hot quality acrylic aspherical lens. Lens mount is high gloss polished metal. Lens diameter is 32mm. Folds into a protective leather case. $34.95
Dome Magnifier
Spherical ans made with unbreakable acrylic. Lens Diameter 60mm. Magnification 3X. Comes in a velvet protective case. $39.95
Magnifying Ruler
Lens size 24 x 210mm. Magnification 2.5X with intergrated ruler. Also has a built in 5X magnifier on the end as well. $19.95
Zoom Microscope with LED
Pocket sized microscope. Outstanding clarity of image and resolution. Continuous adjustment between 20X and 40X magnification. The bright white LED illumination provides great viewing even in poor light. Comes with a stand and glass slide. Includes batteries. PM3 $59.95

Pocket Magnifier
Firmly anchored inside it’s sturdy genuine leather pocket it just slides out when required. Lens diameter 32mm Magnification 4X. $39.95

Precision magnifier, profesional quality. Magnification: 10X. Foldaway lens has a diameter of 18mm. Comes in a protective leather case. $59.90
Folding Magnifier
Matt black plastic with cm/inch scale. Lens diameter 23mm. Magnification 5X. Folds flat and opens with the push of a button. Has a bright white LED light.

Metal folding magnifier, chrome plated with scale. Height: 31mm. Magnification: 10X Diameter 14mm. $29.90

Folding Magnifier
Matt black metal with cm/inch scale. Lens diameter 28mm. Magnification 5X. Folds flat. FZ5 $29.95

Jeweller’s Magnifier
Powerfull magnifier Lens Diameter 21mm Magnification 15X. Includes a bright white LED lights with adjustable arm. $29.95

Magnifier Glasses with LED
Includes 3 different clip-on
magnifier attachments 1.5X, 2.5X & 3.5X. and a bright white LED light. $49.95

Table / Clamp Magnifying Glass with Adjustable Arm
Lens Diameter 88mm with 2.5X Magnification. Also has a small intergrated lens of 21mm and 5X magnification. Has 2 bright white LED’s. Comes with batteries. Flexiblr arm and folding support feet.

LUCLIP Magnifier for reading glasses. Adjustable to fit all frames. Diameter of lens 30mm, 5X magnification. The flexible link allows for precise adjustment from frame and eye $12.90

Credit Card Magnifier
Has a thickness of only 4mm! Size is 84 x 54mm. Lens Diameter 33mm Magnification 3X with a bright LED light. Comes with batterys and a leatherette slipcase.


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