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2017 New Zealand Stamp Catalogues

If you'd perfer to own a hard copy of a New Zealand catalogue we have 2 options available. The Len Jury and the Auckland City Stamps.



Stamp Specials

A set of 3 first day covers using the minisheet put out by NZ Post to commemorate the Christchurch 2016 Stamp and Postcard exhibition. For each day of the show NZ Post had a different cancel, (each one has a different plane) which was only available for one day and only at the show. I only have 5 sets of these. Pictures below. Price is $95.00 for the set of 3. Only 1 damaged set left now.

Now $35.00


New Zealand Stamp Special - 1000 used stamps + 14 miniature sheets. (Doesn't come on stock cards.) $125.00

Great Britain Stamp Special - 430 used stamps. (Doesn't come on stock cards.) $25.00

Australia Stamp Special - 480 used stamps. (Doesn't come on stock cards.) $25.00

Disney Stamp Special - 185 Mint stamps. (Doesn't come on stock cards.) $25.00


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