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LUCY UV lamp

LUCY UV lamp

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The LUCY ultraviolet lamp is a top-quality inspection device which provides the user with a host of tried-and-tested features as well as a number of functions. The built-in, durable ultra- violet LED has a very broad wavelength range of 254 nm (shortwave) to 390 nm (longwave), meaning that this device is able to detect and check both fluorescence and phosphorescence.

The UV lamp can be used both as a portable lamp as well as a fully lamp with magnification. Thanks to a special darkening attachment, the lamp also works perfectly in bright surroun- dings, such as in artificial light or daylight.

The attachment to create a darker environment is made of two parts, whereby one section comes with a magnifying lens (3.5x magnification), in order to be able to detect details more easily. Both attachment parts can be used together or individually. Other benefits of the LUCY UV lamp include the sturdy casing made of hard plastic with rubberised, anti-slip sides, a push button for switching on and off the UV lamp and is light in weight.

- Battery powered (4x 1.5 V AAA batteries, not included).
- Overall size (excl. attachment): 5 3/4 x 3 3/8 x 1" (145 x 85 x 25 mm).

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